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DWS DIVING 5 STAR IDC - Instructor Development Center is part of the DIVING ACADEMY, a network of 5 STARS IDC center of excellence, present in Milan, Turin, Rome, and Santa Margherita Ligure.

PADI have awarded Diving Academy  at the Eudi Show in 2013 for its achievements in the training of instructors and is the reference point in Italy for those who wants to become a PADI professional, or for those expert instructors who want to continue their career.

DWS and Diving Academy offers its students the experience of the PADI course director, Alessandro Di Mase, who is a fluent English and French speaker, and many Master Instructors and Staff instructors who will be the couches of your team, putting their instructor experience to help and assist you during the IDC.

Why become a professional PADI?

What do you feel when your friends ask you:

Are you satisfied of your work ?

Are you happy with what you do all days?

Becoming a PADI Professional, will open doors that previously you have only dreamed.

Becoming a PADI Dive Master or Instructor will be able to choose the most exotic locations where you want to work.

Whether you work in a local dive center, near your home, at a resort or on a live-board in a tropical region, the adventure of your life is ready to be lived.

Every day you will share with dozens and dozens of people something you are passionate about, helping others to enrich their own lives by living the adventure of diving.

Why choose PADI?


You will be one of the most PADI professional wanted on the planet, and with more than 5800 PADI Dive Center and Resort spread in 180 countries , the world will be your office, and your playmate.

As a PADI professional will be part of the largest and most recognized scuba training organization in the world.

Globally is grater the number of people who learn to dive using the PADI educational system than any other diving program in the world.

The PADI system allows students to learn at their own pace and encourages them to participate in programs of continuing education, which enhance the participation, fun and safety.

DWS Diving offer a wide range of PADI Pro Courses