PADI IDC STAFF INSTRUCTOR with specialties in Enriched Air Nitrox, Deep Diver, Wreck Diver, Drift Diver, and Underwater Naturalist. Full Cave Diver trained by PROTEC in Mexico. Luca is fluent in Italian, Spanish, and English.

Luca discovered his passion for diving in 1998 in his home town of Savona under the tutorship of his great friend Corrado who still has a busy dc in Loano. Check out our friends section to find his contact details if you fancy diving further down the coast.

Luca’s philosophy is that if you make your passion your profession you will never have to work another day in your life… in 1999, he headed for Egypt and began his professional career as an instructor in the Red Sea in 2000.

Luca has worked and dived his way round the world for the last seven years and particularly enjoyed ‘finding nemos’. he has worked in Sardinia, Cozumel and Playa del Carmen in Mexico where he qualified as a full cave diver while exploring the cenotes in Mexico.

He has also worked and dived in the Bay Islands, Honduras and Galapagos where he was thrilled to dive with the Hammerheads and have sealions playing with his fins!

Luca’s favourite dive in the AMP is Colombara because of the swim through caverns. The first cavern at 36 metres is a long vertical wall then on the way back there are two swim throughs with Margherita de Mare (parazoanthus) and lobster and at the end an exciting siphon which starts at 20 metres; you can surface inside the cavern and see the stalactites which is amazing.

In the tradition of another famous Ligurian, Christopher Colombus (!), Luca also has a passion for traveling and exploring different and unknown cultures. In between contracts he has journeyed round South America spending time in Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Venezuela including trips deep into the Amazon jungle where he spent time with the ancient native Indian tribe, the Yanomami, who are completely cut off from our ‘civilisation’. He has many great stories and photos…if you are interested check out his travel photo gallery on our site or check out our friends section to find links.

If you dream of adventure and would love to dive and travel in different places keep in touch and check out our site because Luca will be organizing some great trips soon and he would love you to join him.

Luca’s other great passion is eating – his favourite restaurant is LA BECCACCIA via S.Maria 76 -Rapallo-Tel +39 0185 260291 – closed on Monday

This is special – run by husband and wife with big indoor grill where you can choose from a large selection of local fish, meat + many vegetables + salad. No menu…the owners only speak Italian but are very helpful. A large selection of local wines. A must to experience the lovely local food and ambience

Luca is a sucker for sunsets….his favourite one - which he says competes with anything you see in the Caribbean is at Camogli..