Freediving Course

Discover Freediving

Be introduced to a completely natural way of discovering the underwater world!

The Discover Freediving Course is an introduction to breath-hold diving for those who are curious and want to experience what freediving is.

You will learn some of the different ways to freedive and to swim vertically to depth with the right technique. The course will make you confident and safe underwater which will enable you to relax and enjoy the underwater world.

The Discover Freediving Course runs for 1 day and is divided into 1 theory lesson and 2 water sessions: 1 confined water session where we practice breath-holds and 1 open water session.

The theory class will include all the basics of freediving and cover all the important things you need to know before the water sessions.

Freediver Level 1

The Freediver Level 1 Course is the essential foundation freediving course covering the necessary skills and knowledge for the recreational freediver. Ready to begin your freedive adventure?

This beginner foundation course will enable you to feel safe and comfortable when freediving to depths of up to 20 meters. Although this might sound difficult to achieve in a few days, you will be surprised at how much you can achieve through the effective structure of the course program in the classroom and water sessions.

You will learn to safely freedive with or without a guide line in 4 different disciplines of freediving: Static, Dynamic, Constant Weight and Free Immersion.

In the Open Water sessions we will cover the basic freedive skills such as equalizing, duck diving, vertical swimming, body positioning.

The Freediver Level 1 course runs for 2.5 days and is divided into 2 theory lessons, 1 confined water session and 3 open water sessions.

The course can also be conducted in 2 days on request)

Freediver Level 2

The Freediver Level 2 Course is the advanced course for those wanting to take freediving one step further!

You will develop new skills and techniques to dive deeper.

Get ready to go DEEP!

Ready to take freediving to the next level? Become a more confident freediver!

This course will improve your freediving performance and advance your safety and rescue skills.

The Freediver Level 2 course is the advanced course that builds on the skills learned in the Level 1. You will learn about physiology and techniques needed for deeper dives, and develop new skills to make the dive feel even more relaxing.

The Level 2 course runs for 3 days and is divided into 3 theory lessons, 2 confined water session and 4 open water sessions.

You will develop new skills and a higher knowledge of safety procedures and techniques for freediving such as free falling, Frenzel equalizing, new training techniques, the risks of increasing and decreasing pressure and how to minimize these risks.

You will train these skills in the 4 most common disciplines of freediving. We will go through more in depth theory about freediving physiology such as the effects of pressure at depth and the mammalian dive reflex. We will also do a yoga/stretching session that is beneficial for deep diving.

Freediver Level 3

In the Freediver Level 3 course you will learn new equalization techniques that takes you far beyond recreational freediving levels.

If you want to become a freediving master the Freediver Level 3 course is for you.

This course takes you to a whole new level of confidence in your Freediving.

Not only will you learn the latest techniques for deeper diving but you will also learn more about conditioning your body for Freediving. This course will push you to the limits of your Freediving abilities.

The Freediver Level 3 Course is the highest level a recreational freediver can achieve.

The course can also be combined with the Competition Freediver course for those who want to explore the challenge of competitive freediving. This course consists of three theory sessions, two pool sessions and four open water dives.

To successfully complete the Freediver Level 3 Course you will have to perform a 3 minute 30 second breathold, swim 70 m underwater with fins and dive to 32 meters in the open water.