Meet, Giuseppe Zanzotto, but everyone calls him GIANGIO, pronounced ‘JANJO’.Divemaster

Got his first certification in 1985 and has been a divemaster since 1995. Giangio’s favourite place to dive is the Mediterranean and particularly in the Marine Park where he has clocked up over 1000 dives which is great for us because this in-depth knowledge makes him a brilliant guide!!!

Giangio’s favourite dive is ‘Il Dragone’ because he says there is always a surprise to greet you there like the ‘gattuccio’ (small spotted catshark) and the wall of this dive is painted vibrant red with coral; there are large rocks at the bottom where big groupers, octopus and lobsters hide.

He also loves ‘The Lighthouse’ because there is an abundance of big marine life there because it is the first site as you leave Santa Margherita + the current carries plenty of nutriments to feed schools of barracudas, dentix and snappers and small species like ‘castagnole’ (damsel fish), ‘salpe’ and ‘saraghi’.

Giangio’s other great passion is sailing – he is also a qualified skipper .

Giangio’s favourite restaurant is ‘La Manueliana’ in Recco – he loves seafood, particularly mussels