Teaching Style

We try to understand that everyone approaches learning in a different way.

Some people prefer to sit with someone so they can explain things together or in a group

You can learn in small groups with your instructor either in the diving centre or on the beach..

Some people prefer to learn on their own, in their own time




You can be super-organised and join up with us before you come here. You can complete the academic tests online by registering with us and you can take your test online before you come…that way you don’t waste holiday time studying!


We can lend you a portable dvd player so that you can do all at a time when it suits you…in the evening in your hotel room, on the beach during the day…its up to you

Some people don’t want to be stuck inside a hot ‘classroom’ on their holiday

We agree! Why not sit with your instructor on Punta Pedalo beach in front of the ocean where DWS have an exclusive arrangement for our clients and friends. Or in a café? We will try to be as flexible as possible to make the learning part as fun as possible..