Marine Park

The Cape of Portofino marine park



The sea banks of Portofino are amongst the richest and most interesting not only of the Riviera Ligure Sea, but also of the entire Mediterranean, and for this reason they are amongst the most studied and visited.

The park extends about 4 kilometres from the promontory of Portofino to the Gulf of Paradiso to the west and by the Gulf of Tigullio to the east. The southernmost section is over 6 kms long and includes the beautiful bays of San Fruttuoso and Cal dell’Oro, surrounded by tall, rugged cliffs that extend under water to depths of 50 meters.

The marine park with its massive underwater cliffs and sea grass (Posidinia ) beds is also full of vibrant, red coral because the conditions here are perfect for it to thrive.

Marine life is varied and some species are unique to this area. Expect to see mon fish, violet and pink nudibranch, white, red, gold and pink gorgonian, tuna, grouper, dentix, octopus, lobster and moray eels, the yellow cluster anemone and the Sardinian coral.

Where the sea floor becomes sandy is where there are vast expanses of sea grass (Posidonia)

This marine park also forms a small coastal part of the Pelagos Sanctuary for Marine Mammals. Cetaceans in the sanctuary include the fin whale, striped dolphin, sperm whale, bottlenose dolphin short beaked common dolphin, Risso’s dolphin, long-finned pilot whale and Cuvier’s beaked whale although most common sightings close to shore are dolphins.