Roberta Lasagne

OWD Rescue diver

Roberta is from Santa Margherita, she did her rescue diver in 1996 and has been  diving in the AMP ever since.  Since discovering this passion for the underwater world, Roberta  went on to study Marine Biology at Genoa University and is now completing a doctorate there .  She loves to share this  knowledge with everyone she dives with.   Roberta is always smiling! She has a wonderful sense of   humour which keeps all  those around her happy and she also helps us in the diving center with administration work.

Roberta’s favourite dive is “Punta Vessinara” because she loves the wall which is covered with bright red corals.

Roberta loves traditional food and her  favourite restaurants are “La Solita Zuppa” in the San Siro area of Santa Margherita which is well known for meat specialities and “Da Antonio: in the San Bernando area in Santa Margherita.

Roberta also recommends the view from ‘Chiesa di Nazzarego’ in Santa Margherita.